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Slidell Marriage Counseling

We work with a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues providing counseling services to individuals, couples, and families.

Experienced Marriage Counselors in Slidell

Are you looking for marriage counseling or couples counseling in the Slidell area? If you are, that’s OK. You are not alone.

Sometimes “happily ever after” doesn’t look like what you, your spouse, or your partner originally envisioned. And the truth is, there’s no wonder why there’s a difference between your initial expectations and your current reality!

During the wedding planning stage, you and your spouse were anticipating living the rest of your lives together at the height of excitement in your relationship. But after you said “I do” and the honeymoon phase ended, real life set in.

For example, you might be experiencing stress from work, be so busy raising children that you have a hard time focusing on your relationship, or be worried about your family’s finances.

While all of these marriage and relationship stressors are normal, they’re also a good reason to meet with one of our marriage counselors to help focus on your relationship with your spouse, reprioritize your lives together, and learn better communication skills. For some, marriage counseling is an absolute must after a marriage crisis, such as a spouse or partner who is dealing with an addiction or one who has been unfaithful.

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We Provide Marriage Counseling For Couples In Slidell

Our marriage counselors work with married couples throughout the Slidell area to help strengthen and improve marriages and relationships. We believe in the institution of marriage, and our goal is to help you and your spouse resolve any issues you may have in your marriage, gain conflict resolution skills, and achieve true marital bliss.

What You Can Expect

When you come to our practice for marriage counseling services, you can expect to be matched with a licensed professional counselor who has experience working with married couples and wants to see your marriage succeed. He or she will work diligently to get to know you and your spouse and build a rapport so you feel comfortable discussing the stressors in your relationship. You can also expect your couples counselor to be impartial. Your marriage counselor isn’t in the counseling room to pick a side between the two of you. Rather, your counselor will help facilitate a healthy dialogue between you and your spouse, share proven steps for resolving marital crises and rebuilding trust in a marriage, and teach you both how to better understand each other and communicate with one another. In some cases, your couples counselor may feel that you and your spouse will also benefit from individual counseling with a licensed therapist, in addition to marriage counseling. In this case, your couples counselor can refer each of you to licensed professional counselors in our practice, so you can begin individual counseling. If you, your spouse, or your marriage counselor feel it’s necessary, we can also refer you to a licensed psychotherapist or Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in the Slidell, LA area. Rest assured, everything you and your spouse say during your couples therapy session will stay within the walls of your counseling room. Our marriage counselors only discuss your sessions with a third party if you have both given us your written consent to discuss your case.

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Assisting Engaged Couples with Pre-marital Counseling

If you’re getting ready to walk down the aisle, you definitely need to add pre-marital counseling to your wedding to-do list! In fact, according to statistics, nearly 44% of couples seek pre-marital counseling before tying the knot.

Pre-marriage counseling is extremely helpful for engaged couples and sometimes required if you’re getting married in a church. This type of couples therapy often helps brides-to-be and grooms-to-be think about and discuss potential issues that may arise during a marriage and how they plan to deal with them

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Contact Us Today for a Happier, Healthier Marriage

Our couples marriage counselors have years of experience in the field. They’re ready to help you and your spouse have a happy and successful marriage. We also strive to help engaged couples mindfully prep for a long and healthy marriage.

We have a few ways you can reach us to learn more about our counseling services and schedule an initial appointment with a marriage counselor. You can fill out our contact form to ask any questions and we’ll respond promptly by email. Alternatively, please call us to discuss your marriage counseling needs. We offer in-person marriage counseling appointments and telehealth therapy for your convenience.

Whatever your reason for seeking couples therapy, remember, our couples counselors at Behavioral Health Counseling and Consulting are here to help!

What percentage of marriages survive after counseling?

When both parties are receptive to change, couples therapy can be beneficial to the relationship. Older research shows that couples in therapy have a 75% success rate when using proper therapy. However, the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists reports an overall success rate of 98%. The success of couples therapy and other factors contributes to a decreasing divorce rate in the United States. Today, counseling can indeed save and strengthen a marriage.

What do you talk about with a marriage counselor?

The therapist will want to know the main problems you are experiencing, and what causes most of your stress within the relationship. Some aspects of relationship stress that may be discussed include parenting conflicts, intimacy issues, and communication issues (or other types of distress).

What happens after marriage Counseling?

After the initial discussions, your therapist might give you feedback and recommend a plan for treatment. It is provided with a tool for better communication, negotiating the differences and even help to argue in a better way.

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