At Northshore Family Counseling, we offer a variety of treatment approaches for mental health and counseling services for individuals, couples, families, and groups. We provide comprehensive treatment, and counseling services for adults, adolescents, and children ages 7 and up.

This body-oriented approach was created to address the nervous system’s reactions in times of stress or trauma, and how the body naturally resolves high stress physiological states.

IFS™ can support individuals in decreasing anxiety, improving relationships, or recovering from PTSD or trauma. The result is a reduction in problematic and symptomatic behavior.

EMDR™ encourages brief focus on traumatic memory, while simultaneously engaging in typical eye movements. This reduces disruptive emotions connected to the trauma.

TBRI® is an attachment-based, trauma-informed intervention meeting the complex needs of vulnerable children and supporting them in their journey of emotional growth.

EFT ™ reduces distress in relationships, creating more secure attachments. This approach to couples therapy emphasizes inner experiences and key interactions in intimate relationships.

DBT™ teaches individuals how to live in the moment, develop healthy ways to cope with stress, better regulate their emotions, and improve their relationships with others.