How We Approach Grief And Loss

At Northshore Family Counseling we offer practical tools to address people’s needs and concerns in the emotional/psychological arena as well as the spiritual/religious arena. With both areas a broad perspective is taken; a wide variety of psychological and spiritual perspectives and struggles are addressed. In short, we assist our clients in helping them navigate through the waters of intense pain associated with Grief Counseling. Loss can be defined as being deprived of anything (person, object, or symbolic representation) that was valued or desired.
To live is to enjoy the Gift of Life. Life brings us many gifts… of which can be the Gift of Grief……to live is to experience Loss…..and to lose something or someone to which there has been some degree of emotional attachment is to Grieve.

Why Grief Is Important

It is as important to learn to Grieve as it is to learn math, language or science. Grief is a life skill to be learned and lived. Grief is to the psyche as physical injury is to the human body. It can sometimes be experienced as an “emotional heart attack”. It takes time to heal psychologically, emotionally and physically and it is OK to seek help. We not only grieve the death of a loved one but other losses resulting from significant life change, events or circumstances. Even those that are positive and from the normal process of development (i.e., changing grades in school, entering into new relationships, career changes, even moving into a new home etc…).

Taking The Next Steps In Dealing With Grief

There is help and hope for our grief losses for adults, children and young people. Allow us the privilege of companioning along with you through the journey of the gift of Life. Contact us for an appointment at our office at 985-661-0560 or fill out our appointment request form to get started.