Christian Counseling
Sometimes we experience events that leave us questioning the very foundation of our faith. This is a good thing. Tim Keller said, “The faith that cannot be tested is a faith that cannot be trusted.”
Our Faith Plays An Important Role In Overall Health
Foundations of faith and overall health are intricately connected. As physical wellness describes health in the body and mental wellness describes health in thoughts and behaviors, spiritual wellness describes health in the spirit.
Christian counseling goes beyond traditional forms of psychotherapy by exploring the importance of one’s relationship with God, and how to connect with God during moments of trial, transition, and growth. This form of therapy is a fluid process that integrates incorporates the body, mind, and spirit. Christian counseling aims to integrate standard therapeutic methodologies with informed Biblically-based practices, and focuses on the navigation of spiritual concerns in combination with everyday life struggles.
Why Christian Counseling?
Some of the benefits of Christian, faith-based counseling include:
• Social and emotional support
• Finding meaning and purpose in life
• Comfort in times of grief
• Provides ethical and moral guidelines in alignment with Christian practices and beliefs
• Develops a deeper sense of values such as forgiveness, love, and peace
Those who decide to utilize Christian counseling do not have to affiliate with a certain faith or belief system to take advantage of the benefits of mental health counseling. People can experience different levels of healing through this type of therapy, including becoming more mindful in daily practice and an increase of inner peace.