The Great Debate

Many people have debated the exact origin of addiction, whether it truly begins in the brain or is it caused by trauma? The answer is both. Addiction is considered a disease of the brain that is influenced by biology, family dynamics, support systems, environment, trauma, and other factors.

The Disease Concept of Addiction

When there is a defect in an any organ of the body, there are symptoms of disease. For example, someone who suffers with diabetes, has a defect in the pancreas’ production and regulation of insulin. In the same way, the mid-brain’s ability to regulate “pleasure” becomes dysregulated. Through habitual use, and tolerance, the brain’s reward center replaces normal survival requirements such as food, shelter and water, with drugs and alcohol instead.

A Quick Addiction Assesment

If you believe you might have a problem with addiction (substance abuse), here are a few questions to consider:
• In the past 30 days, how many of those days have you used a substance?
• Have friends or family members communicated concern regarding your use?
If you answered yes to the above questions and find yourself using substances as a means to cope with everyday stressors, then contact us for an appointment at our office at 985-661-0560 or fill out our appointment request form below to get started on the road to recovery.